May - Dec 2019

Victoria's Secret - Cart reminder

Designed a new feature to reduce cart abandonment and improve conversion

Victoria's Secret - Offers experience

Redesigned the offers experience across all platforms to improve discoverability and usability

Oct 2018 - March 2019

Victoria's Secret - Mobile navigation

Redesigned the mobile sitewide navigation to enhance way-finding and product discovery

June - Oct 2018


Designed core functionalities of the Wonderus web app [Freelance Project]

Jan - April 2018


Designed a smart watch app for stress detection and management

Greening the Dental Clinic

Helping client build a website that promotes and helps achieve sustainabilty in dental clinics [Passion Project]

Ethereal - Projection Mapping + Sound responsive LED structure

Created immersive experiences for attendees at live music gigs by using lights and visuals [Passion Project]

Linq - wearable prototype

Building a prototype for gamifying social interactions for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sept - Dec 2017

Linq - web app prototype

Designed a web app for parents of autistic children to monitor their child's social behavior

OleOle - enhancing experience of watching live sports

Developed a novel social computing application to enhance experience of watching live sports together

Increasing customer satisfaction of Spotify Premium users

Deployed a survey, analyzed results and provided recommendations to improve customer satisfaction [Coursework]

√ądKonekte - short code based communication system

Proposed a system built using Twilio to connect Haitian citizens and emergency teams in crisis situations

Jan - April 2017

Enhancing usability of Expedia's Bundles feature on iOS

Worked with Expedia to conduct thorough usability assessment and provide recommendations for the Bundles feature in their app

Low cost blood pressure measurement device

Designed and developed a low cost sphygmomanometer to detect preeclampsia in expectant mothers in Ghana

Brainstory - visualizing stories onto a canvas

Developed an application that creates a novel digital artifact by harnessing a user's brain waves

Rhythm - social networking app for musicians

Designed an app to help local musicians to collaborate and get noticed by local music promoters

Improving patient experience in the Emergency Department

Performed contextual inquiry and provided recommendations to UM Hospital Systems to improve patient experience in the emergency dept.

Missing Cup

Conceptualized a novel idea of using beverage cups to spread awareness about missing black children

July - April 2016

Gesture controlled autonomous quadrotor

Developed an intelligent quadrotor that is controlled using a user's gestures

Jan - March 2015

Smart Irrigation System with Data Acquisition and Real Time Monitoring

Developed a smart system to help farmers remotely irrigate their land efficiently, as part of Texas Instruments Analog Maker competition

Caretaker Bot

Programmed a bot to navigate hospital arena and deliver medicines using Computer Vision for eYantra 2014 competition

July- Oct 2014

RFID based security system

Developed a security system using RFID technology for use in parking lots